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Faced with a Small Window for Immigration Reform in 2014, House Republicans Begin Push for Immigration Reform

The Republican controlled House of Representatives effectively blocked immigration reform in 2013 and has left many immigration reform advocates less than optimistic about reform in 2014.  Yet there is some hope that immigration reform could pass this year.  According to a recent Politico article, “Immigration reform backers see a narrow window in late spring to push a sweeping overhaul through the House.”

Politico further reports that Eric Cantor (R -Va) has made immigration among several issues that “may be brought to the floor over the next few months.” And perhaps more hopeful yet, House Speaker John Boehner  – according to the L.A. Times –  vowed on January 8, 2014 “that he would soon release a document of conservative ‘principles’ on the issue intended to prod Republicans to pass a series of bills this year.”