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Questions raised over Melania Trump’s immigration history

Melania Trump’s immigration history is under scrutiny since the publication of a series of photos by the NY Post last week. The pictures appear to show Mrs. Trump working as a model in the United States in 1995, which contradicts both her and her husband’s statements that she came to the U.S. in 1996. It is unclear whether Mrs. Trump was on a short-term visitor visa, which would not have allowed her to work, or on an H-1B3 visa, a visa specifically designated for models, which would not have required her to return to her home country to renew her visa, as she has previously stated.Mrs. Trump has since issued a statement saying that she has always been incompliance with immigration laws and that she received her green card in 2001 and became a citizen in 2006. However, according to reports by Univision, her statements create further discrepancies regarding how she got
her green card based on marriage, but had not married Donald Trump until

  1. In the wake of these inconsistencies, the Democratic Super PAC,

Democratic Coalition Against Trump, has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with USCIS, asking that Mrs. Trump’s immigration history be fully investigated to see there have been any immigration violations.