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Naturalization And Citizenship

At Becker & Lee LLP, we help clients obtain proof of United States citizenship and apply for citizenship through the naturalization process. Our attorneys represent clients with straightforward naturalization cases, and also represent those  with criminal backgrounds to assure that filing for naturalization will not result in deportation. We also help those whose naturalization cases have become subject to long delays or whose cases have been denied in error by the government.

Understanding Naturalization And Citizenship

Naturalization is the process of applying to become a U.S. citizen. In general, four conditions usually have to be met in order to qualify for naturalization:

  • Be a lawful permanent resident for at least five years (but in some cases three years)
  • Have a continuous physical presence in the United States for a defined period of time
  • Be deemed to have good moral character and to have abided by the laws of our country for a specified period of time
  • Pass tests proving ability to read, write, and speak English (certain exemptions may apply) and Successfully complete an exam on U.S. history, civics and government

The Many Paths To Citizenship

Many individuals are already U.S. citizens and thus do not need to apply for naturalization. Instead, they can apply for a U.S. passport and/or a Certificate of Citizenship to prove that they are U.S. citizens. In some instances, a person who is born abroad to one or more U.S. citizen parents may derive citizenship, but only if certain conditions are met. A child born of noncitizen parents may also acquire citizenship if his or her parents naturalize before the child turns 18 and other conditions are met. Citizenship laws are complex and vary depending on when a person is born and depend on certain facts such as the length of the individual’s U.S. citizen parent’s residence in the U.S., the individual’s age when he or she came to the U.S., and other factors. If your parents or grandparents were or are U.S. citizens, our attorneys can analyze your case to determine if you are a U.S. citizen and what you can do to obtain evidence of your citizenship.

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At Becker & Lee LLP, we understand that becoming a US citizen or proving one’s U.S. citizenship can be a life-changing event. Our naturalization lawyers are here to advise you on this sometimes complicated area of law. Contact our law firm in Oakland, California, to learn more.