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Deportation and Removal Defense

Help For Individuals Facing Removal

At the Oakland, California, law firm of Becker & Lee LLP, our attorneys understand what is at stake for those who face removal from the United States (colloquially known as “deportation”). When Becker & Lee LLP represents clients in removal proceedings before the Immigration Court, our attorneys are committed to the client and the case. Immigration law is all that we do, and we have helped many former clients find avenues to remain in the country when they felt all hope was lost.

Whether you face deportation due to a crime, entering the country without permission or remaining in the country after your visa expires — we can help.

Many Options, One Common Goal

Our lawyers have successfully defended numerous clients against removal from the U.S. Contact us today to discuss if one of the following 15 common defenses to deportation apply to your case:

  1. Applications for Permanent Residency / Adjustment of Status
  2. Renewal of Form I-751 Removal of Conditional Residence
  3. Criminal Waivers
  4. Noncriminal Waivers
  5. Asylum, Withholding of Removal and Relief under the Convention Against Torture
  6. Prosecutorial Discretion
  7. U Visas
  8. DACA
  9. TPS and NACARA
  10. VAWA and VAWA Cancellation of Removal
  11. EOIR-42B, Non-Legal Permanent Resident Cancellation of Removal
  12. Motions to Terminate
  13. Motions to Suppress
  14. Voluntary Departure
  15. Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS)

We are available to advise at any stage in the process, including when a loved one is placed on an ICE hold, during immigration bond hearings, or during Immigration Court proceedings.

Contact Us For Removal Defense Assistance

For those who face removal from the United States, an experienced immigration lawyer can be the difference between staying in the country and deportation. If you are placed in removal proceedings or are given a notice to appear in Immigration Court, contact our Oakland deportation lawyers as soon as possible. Many of the applications are time-sensitive.