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EB-1B Outstanding Researchers

Understanding EB-1B Outstanding Researcher / Professor Green Card Petitions

EB-1 outstanding researcher/professor green card petitions are generally reserved for researchers or professors who have been recognized as outstanding in their field of endeavor at the international level. The individual must have at least three years of experience teaching or researching in the academic area of endeavor. Although the “outstanding researcher” standard is less difficult to meet in many ways than the EB-1A “extraordinary ability” standard, in some ways this category is more restrictive. For example, EB-1B outstanding researchers/professors must have an offer of employment and must be petitioned by the employer.

What Does ‘Outstanding’ Mean?

The evidence and requirements necessary to meet the “outstanding” standard are slightly different for a researcher than it is for a professor. To be recognized internationally as an outstanding researcher or professor in one’s field requires at least two (2) of the following types of evidence:

  • Receipt of major honors and awards for outstanding achievement in the field of endeavor
  • Membership in professional associations that require outstanding achievements of their members
  • Evidence of published material in professional publications written by others about the alien’s work
  • Participation as a judge (individually or on a panel) of the work of others in the same field;
  • Original scientific, scholarly, or artistic contributions in the field of endeavor
  • Evidence of authorship of scholarly books or articles in journals with an international circulation in the field of endeavor

What Is Filed With An EB-1B Outstanding Researcher / Professor Green Card Petition?

The EB-1B outstanding research or professor petition is submitted by filing form I-140, along with supporting evidence such as letters of support from experts in the field of endeavor, evidence of the applicant’s extraordinary work and other documentation. Most often the I-140 can be concurrently filed with the I-485 green card or Application for Adjustment of Status if the applicant is in the United States. When the I-485 is filed the applicant can also file an application for employment authorization.

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