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Federal District Court Actions

How Can I Expedite My Long Delayed Immigration Process?

Sometimes an application for a green card, naturalization or other immigration benefit can be delayed for months or years beyond normal processing times. Frustrated with long delays, some applicants resign themselves to thinking there is nothing that can be done but wait. Depending on the time and type of the delay, there may be ways to remedy the delay and expedite immigration process.

When confronted with a delay, it is important to document all attempts to remedy the delay directly with the government agency handling the application or petition. Our firm can advise clients on the proper ways to inquire with the government to request that a case be expedited once a pending application or petition has passed normal processing times. We can also help with formal requests to expedite requests for cases that have urgent humanitarian needs. After waiting a reasonable time for a decision that is beyond processing times and after requests have gone ignored, it may be possible to file a federal district court action. Becker & Lee LLP can help you file a mandamus action in court to compel the USCIS to make a decision on a delayed case.

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