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Just How Hard Is It To Get a Tourist Visa? 2013 Denial Rates for B Visas Just Published

New statistics from 2013 reveal a huge disparity in approval rates for tourist visas at different consulates around the world.

In order to be given a B-2 tourist visa an applicant must show that he or she intends to return to a permanent home abroad after a temporary trip to the US.  Recently published statistics show that it is much easier to obtain a B visa for temporary work or tourism in some countries than in others.  Below are the 2013 tourist visa denial rates for select countries.  For a more comprehensive list click here.

2013 B Visa Denial Rates Per Country: 

China – Mainland 8.5%

Dominican Republic 41.3%

Ecuador 16.9%

Egypt 39.5%

El Salvador 45.1%

Federated States Of Micronesia 100.0%

Greece 26.0%

Guatemala 37.7%

Haiti 47.1%

Honduras 37.0%

Hungary 31.6%

Iceland 7.1%

India 18.7%

Iran 48.2%

Iraq 39.2%

Ireland 16.9%

Israel 9.7%

Italy 15.2%

Jamaica 35.3%

Japan 10.9%

Mexico 12.1%

Nepal 46.4%

Netherlands 11.2%

New Zealand 14.0%

Nicaragua 26.7%

Peru 16.1%

Philippines 24.1%

South Africa 2.6%

South Korea 18.1%

Spain 16.0%

Turkey 10.3%