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CBP Implements “Stampless Entry” Program

Beginning April 2022, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced the implementation of a new pilot program called “Stampless Entry” at all 238 airports, 34 seaports, all pedestrian ports of entry on the southern border and most secondary land ports of entry on the Northern border. CBP claims this will simplify and streamline the arrival process by digitizing the process of legal entry into the country.

What does “Stampless Entry” change?

The program eliminates ink stamps in passports at points of entry. CBP has confirmed that this program is here to stay and will be expanded. CBP officers may continue to stamp passports when requested. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some ports do not honor these requests, however.

Importantly, foreign national clients must always download their electronic I-94 records from the CBP online system each time they enter the United States. The CBP system frequently has errors so foreign nationals should make sure the information is accurate. If changes are needed, requests should be made right away with CBP.

By Camiel Becker and Daniela Homez