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Camiel Becker to Consult with DACA Entrepreneurs at the Festival of Undoculnnovation

On Saturday, September 23, 2017, Becker & Lee Partner Camiel Becker will provide consultations to DACA entrepreneurs at the upcoming Festival of Undoculnnvoation, where entrepreneurial DREAMers from around the country will meet in Sausalito, California to share their projects and look for funding and support. Read more about DACA entrepreneurs here. Trump’s recent DACA announcement leaves many DACA applicant’s lives in limbo. Many DACA recipients are curious about potential employment-based immigration solutions they might be able to explore in the event DACA is phased-out without a Congressional fix.

Mr. Becker will provide free consultations to DACA recipients at the Festival of Undoculnnovation. In October, Camiel will also present on a panel training other immigration lawyers on identifying employment-based options for DACA recipients and those with TPS status.