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Becker & Lee client Maria Mendoza-Sanchez featured in Buzzfeed and NBC Evening News

Maria Mendoza-Sanchez, an oncology nurse and mother of four children in Oakland, was deported in 2017 under new Trump Administration policies. Since then, Becker & Lee LLP has assisted Maria Mendoza-Sanchez in obtaining an approved H-1B petition and also helped with the processing of a 212(d)3 waiver which was filed this week at the US Consulate in Mexico City. The waiver process was featured in a Buzzfeed article and Maria and founding partner Camiel Becker were featured on NBC Bay Area evening news discussing the results of the interview. Senator Diane Feinstein has also fully supported Ms. Mendoza-Sanchez’s requests, stating on her Twitter account yesterday that she “strongly supports Maria’s application for an H-1B visa so she can return to her children and job as an oncology nurse.” Ms. Mendoza Sanchez’s waiver was recommended for approval, but is subject to further processing. She will likely get a final response within the upcoming weeks.