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gretel-quinteroGretel Quintero
Gretel has extensive immigration experience assisting clients with U visa petitions, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), extreme hardship waivers, naturalization, I-751 and Adjustment of Status. She has helped numerous detained clients with requests to be released on bond and has helped supervising attorneys prepare applications for asylum, cancellation of removal, prosecutorial discretion, withholding of removal, and criminal and non-criminal waivers. Gretel has been a member of advocacy groups for immigrants’ rights and testified before the California State Legislature in support of the California DREAM Act. She continues to be a strong advocate for immigration reform and wants to become an immigration attorney. Gretel was born in Sinaloa, Mexico, and immigrated to the United States at the age of 13. Despite being undocumented and raised by a single mother, Gretel became the first person in her family to graduate from college when she received a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Spanish from the University of California, Davis. She became a U.S. citizen in 2016. Gretel is fluent in Spanish and English.




AndreaAndrea Hernandez
Andrea has extensive experience helping attorneys prepare Adjustment of Status applications, U visa petitions, extreme hardship waivers (I-601 and I-601A), I-751 petitions, naturalization applications, and applications for DACA. She also has also prepared H-1B, H1B1, TN, R-1, P, and O visa petitions. Andrea previously lived in the Dominican Republic, where she worked as a bilingual recruiter for a U.S.-based company. She also taught classes to immigrants for naturalization, ESL and GED exams. Andrea graduated from Montana State University Billings in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Political Science. Andrea is fluent in Spanish.




lourdes-weedyLourdes Weedy
Lourdes has more than 20 years of experience assisting attorneys with family-based and employment-based immigration matters, naturalization applications, immigration court cases and consular processing. Prior to joining Becker & Lee LLP, Lourdes worked as a legal assistant with another immigration law firm in San Francisco. Lourdes’ first exposure to immigration law was through her work as a clerk-interpreter at the Immigration Court in San Francisco. She became familiar with immigration applications and procedures by performing consecutive and simultaneous translations during immigration court proceedings and assembling files and supporting documents for daily hearings. Lourdes was born in Riberalta, Bolivia. She first came to the United States as an exchange student during her senior year of high school. She returned to Bolivia and graduated from the University of San Simon in Cochabamba, Bolivia. In 1965 she immigrated to the United States as a permanent resident. Lourdes is fluent in Spanish and English.




guadalupe-carrenoGuadalupe Carreño
Guadalupe has experience helping supervising attorneys prepare U visa petitions, extreme hardship waivers, National Interest Waiver petitions, as well as non-immigrant visa petitions, including O, H-1B, TN, L, and E. She also has extensive experience working on PERM labor certifications and EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 immigrant visa petitions. Guadalupe first became involved with immigrant rights advocacy groups at the age of fifteen, when a close family member was deported during an ICE raid at her house. She became a zealous advocate on behalf of her family members and worked hard to gain public support, which was critical to successfully preventing her own mother’s deportation. Guadalupe graduated from the University of San Francisco where she majored in Political Science and minored in Legal Studies. Guadalupe plans to attend law school and is fluent in both English and Spanish.




victoria-khaydarVictoria Khaydar
Victoria works primarily in employment-based immigration and has experience in H-1B, TN and L non-immigrant visa petitions. She also has experience helping supervising attorneys prepare EB-2 and EB-3 PERM labor certification applications, I-140 visa petitions and Adjustment of Status applications. Victoria has also helped attorneys prepare asylum applications and extreme hardship waivers. She worked as a legal assistant at another immigration law firm in San Francisco prior to joining Becker & Lee LLP. Victoria was born in Tajikistan and immigrated to the United States with her mother and brother when she was 12. Having endured status uncertainty for several years, Victoria understands the struggles of the immigrant community first hand and is an ardent supporter of comprehensive immigration reform. She became a U.S. citizen in 2014. Victoria graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in Linguistics. She plans to continue her education and attend graduate school in the near future. Victoria is a native speaker of Russian and is proficient in Farsi.




Diego Chavira
Diego graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. He completed an honors thesis that analyzed how people of color are perceived by society as a whole. Born in Veracruz, Mexico, Diego understands what it is like to navigate through the complexities of the immigration system. He is extremely passionate about helping people whose first language is not English. He intends to continue his education and attend graduate school. Diego’s first language is Spanish and he is fluent in English.






Jimmy ChafloqueJimmy Chafloque
Jimmy supports attorneys in preparing U visas, I-90 applications, I-130 petitions, and asylum applications. Born in Oakland, CA to Peruvian immigrant parents, he has a keen interest in immigration law. Jimmy was the first in his family to graduate from college when he received his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration with a concentration in Human Services. Jimmy is passionate about helping others in the immigration community and plans to attend law school. He is fluent in both English and Spanish.




Eric GomezEric Gomez
Eric works primarily helping supervising attorneys with employment-based non-immigrant visa petitions, including E, O, TN and J-1 petitions. Eric also has experience with Asylum and Adjustment of Status applications, as well as I-601A extreme hardship waivers. Prior to working at Becker and Lee, Eric worked for over seven years in law firms. He graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a concentration in International Business. Born in San Francisco to Mexican immigrant parents, Eric is a first-generation college graduate. Surrounded by many immigrant family members and close friends, he intimately understands the struggles and challenges immigrants face and has a deep passion for assisting immigrant communities. Eric is a very enthusiastic learner and enjoys being surrounded by different cultures and languages. Eric is fluent in both Spanish and English.




Patricia BarraganPatricia Barragan
Patricia assists attorneys prepare asylum and adjustment of status applications and U and R-1 petitions. She assists clients who are in removal proceedings and those who are applying for lawful status through consular processing. A graduate of UCLA with a Bachelor’s in PhilosophyPatricia also obtained a paralegal certificate from SFSU. She is the daughter of an immigrant parent and is acutely aware of how immigration laws shape the lives of her community. Patricia plans to attend law school. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.






Emma Heiken
Emma helps attorneys with both employment-based and family-based immigration matters, including H-1B, L-1B and O visa petitions and waiver applications. Emma graduated from the University of Rochester with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health and a minor in German. She gained interest in the immigrant experience in the United States through her experience as a public health worker in India and a student in Spain and Germany. Before joining the Becker & Lee team, Emma was a Fulbright Scholar in Colombia where she served as a Cultural Ambassador. Emma’s first language is English, she is proficient in German, and fluent in Spanish.





Cristian Zaragoza
Cristian assists attorneys with employment-based immigration as well as family-based cases. For employment-based cases, he works principally on PERM labor certification applications for EB-2 and EB-3 and both immigrant and non-immigrant visa petitions. Cristian graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA with a BA in International Studies and a concentration in Conflict and Security in the Latin American & Caribbean region while also minoring in Philosophy. As a member of a mixed-status family, Cristian has an intimate experience with the immigration process and has developed an interest and passion for immigration law. Before joining Becker & Lee, he worked in a Congressional office and at an international NGO. Cristian plans to attend law school and is fluent in both Spanish and English.